Sheiks, and adjacent Bullet canyons are two of the easiest-reached Grand Gulch tributaries, and both offer a good half day hike to several, intricate, well preserved ruins including pictographs in a variety of colors and styles, or alternatively a longer (14 mile) day hike visiting both.

Sheiks is shorter and has two main ruins; Yellow House near the start and Green Mask at the lower end, just before the Grand Gulch junction, while a third major site (Wall Ruins) lies one mile downstream; all three can be seen by a 9 mile round trip hike taking 3 to 4 hours. The canyon itself is quite scenic, with some dryfalls, nicely eroded walls and a cliff-bound lower section containing a shallow stream, but otherwise is typical of all drainages in this region, enclosed by high, stepped walls of yellowish white Cedar Mesa sandstone, streaked by desert varnish and eroded into many forms.

Sheiks Canyon & The Green Mask